Winter Coat

V8465 | Misses’ Jacket and Coat | Jackets/Vests | Vogue Patterns.

My mama always told me that if I wanted nice clothes I’d have to make them myself. Of course she then spoiled the hell out of me by sewing for me. Anyway, this coat is actually pretty easy. I can see it in jade green wool. I could make it in white too, which would stay clean for all of two seconds.

3 thoughts on “Winter Coat

  1. These patterns look stunning. I definitely need to get out of the kitchen and into the sewing room to learn how to make these!

  2. Those patterns are beautiful!! Seeing them really makes me regret getting a “C” in sewing class at NHS way back in 1985!!! 🙂 I should be ashamed…..I didn’t even try!!!!

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