Natural Progesterone Cream

OMFG! This stuff is so full of the awesome I don’t even know where to begin. Here’s the thing, if you’ve been following this blog for a minute you know I have PCOS and as a soon-to-be forty-six year old woman I’ve also been dealing with perimenopause. Periods that last for weeks, crazy heavy flow and then nothing for months at a time. Not to mention anti-Christ PMS and homicidal tendencies. I read Dr. John Lee’s book aeons ago and his theories that much of our gynecological distress (including fibroids) is caused by estrogen dominance which can be counteracted by the use of natural progesterone cream. At that time I was trying to get pregnant after fibroid surgery and frankly was dealing with my uterus and so many drugs I just couldn’t waste time experimenting with this. (I’ve found from experience that natural remedies often take longer than the artificial drugs and I was literally trying to beat the clock.) Now I’m done with babymaking, and frankly so miserable from this hormonal crap I gave it a shot.

Can I say OMFG, again? Okay, I started using it two months ago. The first time I screwed up and started using it too soon–Day 8 of my cycle instead of Day 14. If you use it too soon in your cycle it will prevent ovulation altogether, which is what happened to me. This time I started on Day 14 and it worked like a charm. No crazy mood swings and depression, and best of all no sugar/salt cravings. I’ll have you know I baked cupcakes for Easter, 24 of them to be exact and I’ve rationed myself one per day. I’ve had no trouble sticking with that. This house is filled to the brim with candy from TWO Easter baskets (Yeah, I have to make one for Whit, don’t ask), and I haven’t had one piece. And did I mention it’s Midol week? Normally I would’ve eaten a dozen cupcakes and a couple pounds of jelly beans by now. And I’m not depriving myself, I don’t want it. As Luke would say: Inconceivable!

Bottom line is, ladies, if you’re dealing with these issues, you’ve got to try this stuff out. I use this brand because it’s one of the ones Dr. Lee recommends in his book, but you might be able to find it locally. I use Vitacost because shopping in Atlanta is hell on Earth and it’s much easier to just order online. S&H is only $4.99 no matter how much stuff you get, so I usually put together a big order. I also like the single-dose packs so I know I’m getting the right amount. It’s easy to use: Each night before bed, smooth it on the parts of your body that don’t get sun, inner thighs, stomach or breasts. Alternate body parts, and don’t put any cream or lotion on the area before you apply. You start on Day 14 of your cycle (Day 1 is the first day of your period), and stop using it when your period starts again. On the package directions it tells you to use it twice a day, but Dr. Lee says once a day is fine. The only side-effect I’ve found is that it makes me sleepy, which, for an insomniac like me is so not a bad thing.

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