Off With Her Head

I just discovered that my almost-six-year-old can’t tie his shoes because the girls in his class tie them for him. Imma need them to stop that–unless they want to still be tying his shoes on prom night.

And btw, I think The Luke is having yet another growth spurt. Y’all know he eats so much we call him “Groceries,” now all of a sudden he eats TWICE as much! I’m starting to wonder if folk don’t pimp their kids out as child stars just so they can feed them!

Life without sugar is going well. Managed to bake Easter cupcakes without eating them. Of course, they’re not my fave lemon-coconut that I usually bake for this holiday. My menfolk wanted chocolate. Of course chocolate Swiss buttercream is like my favorite thing in all of Western civilization, but I’m tired of feeling like crap so I had to pass on them.

I’m back to wanting to sleep all the time, though. I’ll be sitting here writing and find myself dozing off. And I’m not staying up late either, I’m not sure what my problem is. This is not good, though. I’ve been an insomniac forever, it’d be too funny to suddenly turn into a narcoleptic. Funny, but typical.

I’m not feeling Flashforward these days. First they let Zoe be a typical ball-breaking black bitch last week. Now they’re setting Dmitry up to impregnate Hawk. If that happens I’m so done with that show. Also, and this is an aside, but why didn’t they get Somali actors to play Somalians in that episode? Anyone with even a passing acquaintance with the Continent would immediately recognize that people from different countries look different. Strange.

As for Mesdames Scott and Badu at least one of whom literally showed her ass in Dallas, I say *meh*. I knew these songstresses were going to eventually wind up naked when Beyonce and Rihanna stopped wearing pants. Badu actually has talent, so I don’t know why she felt the need to do this. Rihanna, well her legs are pretty much all she has. Beyonce can sing, but needs to stop being too greedy to hire actual writers.

As for Jill Scott, her views were not news to me, I was actually at a concert where she spouted this foolywang once before. This was the response I gave over at What Tami Said.

I’m not telling black women to be quiet and strong, I’m telling black women to be STRATEGIC. Have we stopped to think about what all this counter-programming is about? We’ve been ignored by the media since we’ve been here, now all of a sudden they can’t stop talking about us. Do we honestly believe that they suddenly give a damn? Of course not. They’re counter-programming against Michelle Obama and what it means that suddenly we have a black First Lady. That undermines white supremacy and they’re in a frenzy to counteract that message and the impact that it can have. God forbid a black woman actually think she’s fit to be First Lady.

So what do we do? Instead of putting our best foot forward and show ourselves in our magnificence we play right into the media message. That will undermine the marginalization of black women. This woe is me message does nothing to do that. And that’s their intent.

Scott wrote her article for Essence magazine which is nothing more than another arm of that same media that seeks to destroy and undermine black women. How could it be otherwise in a magazine that encourages black women to go to strip clubs to seek mates? Essence magazine is neither owned by or helmed by a black woman, so in what way is it OUR magazine? It’s not. They knew exactly how black women would respond to putting that man on the cover, that’s why they did it. And black women played like along with the bullshit. Better to simply ignore such foolishness and focus on that which uplifts us.

By all means have the dialogue, talk about it with people who actually give a damn about you. The media (and that includes so-called black magazines) in this country serves one purpose: to maintain the status quo and that’s white supremacy. It is not your therapist, stop acting as though it is.

6 thoughts on “Off With Her Head

  1. Badu is eccentric, always been eccentric, I’m not eccentric at all but I sure do admire hers. So, she took her clothes off, how daring. Everybody in this country needs to get over themselves only in the U.S. a western civilization, supposedly is everybody so puritanical and when the door closes they turn in to complete hedonist. We’re sexually schizophrenic in this country. Hey, Badu has got a hot body too so I know no man was screaming ‘put your clothes back on’ LOL. I love her, I’m picking up the album just because of that.
    Jill Scott’s comments, I’m just so tired of hearing black women say that and attribute that crap to all black women. I don’t care who black men date and marry and why that’s their business. I’m not some bitter black woman that’s upset some black man rejected her because that has never happened. I just chose not to date them. Her opinion is her opinion and somebody needs to say ‘there are black women who don’t give a hooey about black men dating white women’ also it ain’t as if black men and still marrying black women mostly and white men and white women ain’t still marrying each other. I’m real tired of ‘Essence’ pandering to black women’s fears this ain’t the first time I’ve seen an article like that one in their magazine.
    Glad this holiday weekend hasn’t broken you when it comes to sugar. Enjoy.

  2. I think maybe I need to start shipping Jacob’s clothes to you for Luke! It’s not like he wears them long enough to even get “used”. We went from a size 8 in August to a size 12 now (we HAVE to have it for length)! When he starts eating everything that doesn’t eat him first we know it’s coming. Jacob eats double and will sleep all day if you let him when a spurt is coming. If he sleeps past 10, we are all like oh, no…wake him up! He’s growing! Good luck with the sugar thing. I have completely cut it out of my diet and feel better for it! It has tested my will power, though because no matter what I do, Rickey has a sweet tooth that goes for days and insists that eating chocolate should be a daily activity!

  3. Erykah is THIRSTY for attention and record sales. That’s my take on it. It doesn’t seem ‘daring’ to me, it seems more like “how can I stay relevant”? She is heading towards the wrong side of 40 in a youth-obsessed industry…..

    But of course she’ll get a pass because she’s ‘conscious’. Just like she did for having 3 babydaddies and contributing to the modern day madness in the Black ‘community’. Let that be Beyonce, Keyshia Cole or Cassie though……

    Your response about Jill Scott’s comments are so on point. I respect her musically, but I am so over some of us crying over Black men. It’s tired and ridiculous. They’re gonna do what’s in their best interests. PERIOD.

  4. Jelly, Erykah’s never been that famous in the first place, she’s just fans, she hasn’t been big on the charts since maybe ‘Tyrone’. You don’t have to think it’s daring she’ll keep her fans and they’ll love her. I don’t think she’s competing Beyonce, Keyshia Cole and Cassie they aren’t the same kind of artist. Erykah is neo soul not r&b. Just because she’s heading over 40 doesn’t make her non-relavant or non-talented. Now, I wasn’t as half bothered by her stripping as she walked down the street, most other people shouldn’t have been either and it seemed as I watched the footage she was more observed and something else will happen and we’ll all forget about this. I could care less about her baby dads, as long as I’m not paying for the babies.

  5. Eugenia, I don’t think you get my points, so nevermind.

    The bottom line is some folks get a pass, and others don’t. But hey, she’ll be okay. Her fans (particularly the pseudo intellectual ‘Afrikan’ conscious types) will keep supporting her. 🙂

  6. I agree with what you said about the media’s need to put is in our place now that beautiful confident intelligent MARRIED Michelle Obama is on the scene. She is exactly the kind of woman we’ve been told will never find a man, Ivy League degree, TALL, Dark brown, stand up for herself. The POTUS is crazy about her. I’m single and I admit it can be hard to not believe the doomsday hype about my marriage prospects. I am currently dating a sweet shy goofy guy and having a great time.

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