Take Me Out to the Ball Game

The Luke started Little League last week. He had a game on Tuesday and one on Saturday. He hit both times from the coach’s first pitch. The second game he had to use the tee, but hit a hard grounder all the way to the fence.  He did an excellent job playing first base, though he doesn’t have all the technicalities of fielding the ball down yet. (Okay, so he didn’t tag the base.) Most importantly he looks adorable in his uniform. (Thank God for polyester double knit, otherwise I’d never be able to keep those white pants clean.) Of course his father is appalled to see his son in a Yankees uniform, but he chose the league.

3 thoughts on “Take Me Out to the Ball Game

  1. Oh, my! TOO CUTE! And how exciting! I LOVE watching the little guys play baseball! Oh, but the white pants. I am not sure what the coaches think about when they choose white every year. Probably not much since the moms end up washing them! Here’s some unsolicited advice. No bleach. Use Cascade dish washer liquid. Just pour it on the spot and rub it in and rinse in cold water. Then throw them in the washing machine with Tide (or whatever you use). No matter how many times he slides into home plate, they will look brand new after they come out of the wash!

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