Current WIP: Let’s Do it Again

Right now I’m working on Let’s Do it Again. This is a funny and sexy story about a couple who had a shotgun wedding and gradually drifted apart after their kids got grown. Now they’re having a post-marital affair. It’s my first story about a grown and sexy couple, and I’ve always wanted to do one. My female lead, Dyanne,  is very classy, very elegant. (Yes, I stole Dyanne Davis’s name. Mainly because I think it’s pretty, and of course, there’s a possibility that she’ll be annoyed. What can I say, I enjoy annoying people.) I think Taraji P. Henson fits the bill exactly. The guy, Jackson is Simon Baker. I’ve adored him since he was in The Guardian, so this is perfect for him.

And yes, they are  Jack and Dyanne. What can I say, I love John Cougar Mellencamp and this song fits this couple to the T, especially since it was originally written about an interracial couple, and the vintage is right. It was released in 1982, this couple graduated high school shortly after that. The name of the book is of course from that old Staple Singers standard, Let’s Do it Again. I do love me some old school R&B.

Oddly enough when I first had the idea for this story, it in no way related to the Mellencamp song, that only occurred to me later how well it fit those lyrics. This is the second time that’s happened to me. The first time was with Try a Little Tenderness and the Barry Manilow song, Copacabana. Let’s hope this book is as a big a hit as that one has been.

Lisa G. came up with the idea for the Off Like a Prom Dress series. She and Sharon Cullars will also have a story, all related to prom in some way. I think it’s a great concept and hope you guys like it.

11 thoughts on “Current WIP: Let’s Do it Again

  1. Okay this one I am definitely getting. Taraji is very pretty and as you rightly said, elegant looking and as for Mr Baker – wha can I say? He is 100% my type! I recall when I first caught sight of him – I think it was a trailer for “The Guardian”- I literally did a double-take and have been drooling ever since. You’ve got great taste! LOL!

  2. Wow!!! Sounds as if you’ll have another winner on your hands with this upcoming bopok! I can hardly wait to read it. When do you anticipate its release? Hopefully soon, since I am quickly running out of great interracial stories to read. 🙂

  3. Just finished “Try a Little Tenderness”. Yes I know I’m late- but I’m getting there. Enjoyed it!

  4. Have you ever thought about writing a sequel to Try a Little Tenderness? I loved Koss and Lola, and would love to see how they’re doing. Perhaps delve into Nate’s story. He was a fun character who seemed to have an interesting backstory.

  5. Glad you asked Tracy C. If this year goes right I plan to do Nate’s story. That would be Dark Star, which will be a reunion story between Nate from Try a Little Tenderness, and Tonya from Rock Star.

  6. Ok first let me say the whole story sounds delicious and I’ll be picking it up as soon it hits whatever shelves. Next just let me say the combination of Taraji P. Henson and Simon Baker, they look awesome together. Let’s hope some studio casting director sees this and puts them in a movie together. I love them both.

  7. Yay!!!! (jumping for joy and cheesing in front of my monitor). I’m so happy to hear that Nate’s story is in the works!!!!:) Can’t wait to see what he and Tonya will be up to. I will definitely buy it as soon as it’s available. Will Lola and Koss make an appearnace? *Hint hint*

    Eugenia, Taranji and Simon do look great together! Here’s hoping Tyler Perry, or some other director with an eye for talent sees this and casts the two of them ina romantic love story. I can remember watching Simon in an interracial movie with Sanaa Latham, and they also looked good together. He’s quite a handsome man…..ooops, better not let my hubby see this. 😉

  8. Tracy, Simon is a hottie patottie, LOL. I loved him and Sanaa in ‘Something New’ and if he and Taraji come together in a movie I’m all over that in a second. Thank Roslyn, this was her idea and a good one it was.

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