OMG! I’m Becoming a Plotter

Throughout my writing career I’ve always been a pantser, basically making things up while I go along. However, last year when I was trying to get all those books completed I discovered that I could get them done more quickly if I did some minimal plotting in advance. I wouldn’t necessarily call it an outline, but essentially I do a scene list. Much like what they do for television shows. Then I write each scene. Then I link the scenes together with narrative. For my current WIP, Let’s Do It Again, it goes like this:

  1. Corset and handcuffs
  2. Anderson and Owen they’re so doing it
  3. Selling a house
  4. Colette, Helmut and the microfiche
  5. Aid and comfort

Obviously this list only makes sense to me, but I promise it’s not as random as it sounds. If there are any additional notes I need, bits of dialogue, plot points, funny ideas, I put those on stickies and add them as I go. Last night I was bouncing ideas off the hubby and as usual he came up will all kinds of funny. “Next time I get to be Miss Moneypenny.” (I swear this will make sense when you see the final book. I fell out of bed laughing so hard when he said it last night.) I keep stickies all over the house because I never know what will come to me and where. I also keep them in my bag. Some of my best ideas come to me while I’m in the shower, someday I’m going to invent waterproof stickies.

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