Off Like a Prom Dress

Remember I promised y’all all manner of fun and excitement this year? Well I do believe I’m well on my way to delivering. Of course, there’s Given. (Y’all have bought a few dozen copies each, right? I can be downright pitiful when my books don’t sell.)

Coming late this spring is a cool series called Off Like a Prom Dress. Isn’t that the funniest damned title, ever? It’s Lisa G.’s fault, she’s such a corrupting influence. *smh* Anyway, Lisa, Sharon Cullars and I will all be doing books around the theme of prom. My story, Let’s Do it Again, is about a couple that had to get married because they got pregnant on prom night. Now it’s 20+ years later, their sons are grown and in college. They’ve drifted apart and gotten a very civilized divorce. They’ve co-parented their children admirably, no one would ever suspect that Jack, the brilliant neurosurgeon and Dyanne, the elegant Junior Leaguer are carrying on a post-marital affair. Isn’t that a delicious story? I’m so excited about it I’m almost giddy.

I’ve always wanted to write a story about folks who are grown and sexy (Monnie don’t kill me! I promise not to say it again.) The books should come out sometime around prom season. I think you’re going to like all three, but mine has to be your favorite, or I’ll be all pitiful as only I can be.

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