Luke, The Pant Shredder

It’s now official, my boy child has ruined every pair of pants he owns. Lest you should think I simply didn’t buy enough, he started the school year with seven pair of khakis and two pair of blue pants. All the khakis are worn out at the knee. ALL OF THEM. I now understand why there are kids at his school that wear shorts, regardless of the weather, year round. If the Luke wasn’t so cold-natured he would be one of those kids. What on earth am I supposed to do? He has to wear a uniform. It’s not like jeans where you can just patch them or buy Toughskins. (Did you know Sears guarantees their Toughskins? You can just exchange them for a new pair. No receipt required. Amazing.)

So, I’m off to buy the boy new pants. Spring can’t come soon enough.

8 thoughts on “Luke, The Pant Shredder

  1. I see I’m not the only one whose child (I have a four yo daughter) mows through trouser knees. I’ve read about the Toughskins guarantee a while back…will keep that in mind. Aaand I have to patch up her jeans and replace the ones she’s nearly outgrown. (m)eh; hazard of the job, I suppose.

  2. I was a tomboy and destroyed/lost just about everything (despite threats from mom)…Hopefully there are also several quality thriftstore outlets to compensate for the growth, wear and tear the kiddies inflict…But luke is really getting so big and handsome…Great job mom!

  3. Oh yeah, he loses everything too. Thus far he’s lost a lovely red cable knit sweater. A baseball glove and an Atlanta Braves sweatshirt. I have no idea where they went. I’m like does the kid just routinely remove his clothes for no reason? Strange.

  4. LOL! My 8 year old daughter’s trousers(pants) always end up the same way. She is total tomboy and is often found rolling, knee “skating” and tumbling with the best of ’em!
    My advise is – suck it up and keep buying! But buy (really) cheap!

  5. Breanna was worse on jeans than Jacob is, so I lived on the Kidvantage plan at Sears when she was little. She is also the one that loses things – including a The North Face jacket and a pair of MY earrings. Now our problem isn’t “wearing them out” it is growing out of them. We bought 8’s when Jacob started the school year and right now, he is in 12’s. We need the length! Thank goodness for hand-me-downs from friends, consignment shops and yard sales to help out!

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