Pairs Skating Doldrums

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So last night I missed the last two competitors in the pairs skating finals at the Olympics. So what? you might be thinking. Except that I haven’t missed a pairs skating final since the second Innsbruck. Yes, that was 1976 and I was twelve years old. I love pairs like damn and whoa. The jumps, the choreography and most especially the lifts. Which is probably why my favorites of all time are the Canadians Brasseur and Eisler.

I was bored. Yes, bored and uninterested. And no, not because there wasn’t an American pair in contention. Just for the record, for the most part there’s never been an American pair in contention. It’s the new scoring system. It sucks and blows. At the same time. After the epic fail that was Salt Lake City they instituted a new scoring system. This has resulted in a dull, desultory sport with little excitement or individuality. I got more excited about the biathlon than I did the pairs final.

Apparently James and Bonheur (pictured above) were the most exciting couple of the night, and NBC didn’t show them. I understand, they did finish 14th and they’re French, so that’s not surprising, but I would’ve liked to have seen something interesting.

Interestingly enough this SI writer is expressing the same sentiments. Little wonder that the ratings for skating are down. The World Championship should be one big yawn.

One thought on “Pairs Skating Doldrums

  1. I feel you Roslyn, I’m watching Curling right now and it’s more exciting. That is not good for pair figure skating.

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