The Tooth Fairy

I  think I’ve mentioned before that the Luke had to have two of his baby teeth pulled yesterday. The new ones were coming in, and the baby teeth wouldn’t come out. It was an amazingly painless exercise, he played video the whole time and didn’t even notice she’d pulled them. (No, I wasn’t present for this. They don’t allow mamas in the treatment room. I can’t imagine why.) The doctor was immensely accommodating and put his teeth in a little keepsake chest. The receptionist recommended that I get some Sacajawea gold dollars for the Tooth Fairy to leave.

So now, who do you think forgot to play Tooth Fairy last night? Yep, I woke up at 3:00 this morning, screaming at Whit that we forgot to get the teeth. The Luke is a notoriously light sleeper so I sent Whit forth to make the exchange. Amazingly he pulled it off. So all this got me to thinking, where the hell did this whole Tooth Fairy business originate? Well, there are ancient traditions and rituals about teeth, especially given that it was believed that witches could work spells with bits of your body parts. (I remember my mama combing my hair, and then burning the shed hair that was left in the comb.) But the Tooth Fairy as we know it has only been around since 1900, and really wasn’t codified until nearly halfway through the 20th century! Isn’t that interesting?

I think it’s even more fascinating though that there are stem cells in baby teeth, so even though I didn’t save his umbilical cord, we might be able to use them someday if, God forbid, he developed some disease for which stem cells would be useful. I think it’s ironic that ancients feared witches working “magic” with their teeth and hair and these days they actually can.

Oh, and I still want The Rock to come to my house to play Tooth Fairy. I’ve got three Sacajawea dollars left.

One thought on “The Tooth Fairy

  1. lol that sounds like me with Imani my oldest..I tried to stay awake until she was asleep but it didnt happen of course. She tried to stay awake to see the toothfairy.She came to my room earily the next morning sad saying the toothfairy hadn’t come.. of course my husband had gone to work already so. I had to think fast..I asked are you sure she didnt come? did you look under the bed? maybe it fell..of course she had checked..I sent her to get ready for school. While she was in the bathroom I crumple up a few dollars and threw them behind the bed.. and had her recheck..Shes 19 now a few months ago she told me she knew tried to trick her lol.Parenthood is a lot of work lol Thanks for the info about the toothfairy very interesting.

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