Interracial? Monoracial? What’s Your Flavor?

I’m trying to get a bead on reader preferences within the African-American romance genre. The poll is anonymous, but don’t hesitate to add comments as you like. You can post anonymously as well.

And here’s a second poll.

16 thoughts on “Interracial? Monoracial? What’s Your Flavor?

  1. I think you need a 4th option in the second quiz “Read monoracial and mainstream.” That’s what I wanted to pick. I think those of us who read a mixture of all three already would read these two if interracial didn’t exist. I know I would. I wouldn’t just read black or just white.

  2. Not sure why the race would matter. As a reader and author I love all pairings. In romance I started reading white (harlequinesque) books until in the early 90’s I found black authors and romances. But I’m overwhelmed with possibilities and experiences now from reading interracial and currently seek them in both book and film. Guess my love of reading will keep me reading. I think my tastes are deviating from romances as of late, but I doubt I would break away from my cravings for pairings that rarely explored.

  3. I remember the days of cuddling up with my Harlequin’s, long before Arabesque. Though the images of the former never looked quite like me, I let my imagination run wild! There’s no reason why I can’t continue to do that.

  4. Never read romances and it’s only after the break up of my marriage that I chanced upon a book left on my bookshelf (can’t recall how it got there, but am sure it wasn’t one of my exs)by Sandra Kitt called The Color Of Love. Read it, it filled a void, since I’ve not dated after my divorce. That’s it really. It’s a bit painful to read some of these I/R romances and must say am happy I never ventured into reading romances, period, as a teenager. I write all that to make this point. I couldn’t vote on the 2nd question as I wouldn’t read romances at all if I/Rs didn’t exist….

  5. I have to agree with Gwyneth. There needs to be a 4th option in the second quiz “Read monoracial and mainstream.” I wanted to pick both because that is what I did read before I discovered I/Rs. I read any and everything that I feel could be a good romance regardless of the races of the characters. If it’s good it’s good.

  6. I write and read mono and interracial romances. I want to show love comes in all colors. Unfortunately, there aren’t that many out there. I long for the day when all romances become equal.

  7. Interesting poll. A great 4th option might have been “write one of my own” because that’s what I’d probably do, LOL!

  8. As I said by the time that was noted, the poll had already been responded to. If the answer you need isn’t there, just don’t answer the second poll. As I’m watching the pattern of the answers, I’m starting to think though, that it might be more valid this way.

  9. i thought you should have added write your own. that’s what i did. when there wasn’t any interracial books/ romances as a teen in the 80s, i wrote my own , i still write them and i only read IR, but I dont have that much time because I have so many to write.

  10. I started writing interracial books because there weren’t that many (2001-2002). I think at that time Genesis was the only publisher that did them regularly, but that was only a few a year. At that time, before I had a child I was probably reading a book a day. (Now, woefully, I’ll lucky to read a book a week, and that’s only by reading in 5 minute increments.) I also preferred a higher sensuality level than Genesis likes. Probably if the e-pubs had been around at that time I could’ve gotten my fix, though, in the days before e-readers I don’t know if I would’ve wanted to read on my computer.

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