2010: I Gotta Work It

After actually meeting my goals of having four books out last year, I thought I’d go for six this year, with two of them already being written. Imagine my surprise when that slavedriver I partnered myself up with reminded me of three other projects I’d forgotten. So, instead of writing four books this year, I might be writing as many as eight. Two of those books are already half-written, but that still leaves me with a lot to do.

I’m already working on Gabriel’s Redemption and that’s going quite well. After that, I’ll probably work on Taken a bit. That story is a sequel to Given, which comes out next week. Then Let’s Do It Again. I can’t project any further into the future than that, though Lisa wants her project to be finished by September. I think that’s reasonable, and after that I’ll start on Dark Star. The little bit of pretty at top is Galen Gering, he’s my male inspiration for Nate in Dark Star.

2 thoughts on “2010: I Gotta Work It

  1. Good lord he’s gorgeous, there’s nothing in the world better than a beautiful man, LOL.

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