G.A. Aiken: Dragon Actually

book cover of   Dragon Actually    (Dragon Kin , book 1)  by  G A Aiken

Yesterday I went on a bookstore crawl to Barnes & Noble in the Forum. That place is pretty much the only thing that makes my Babylonian Exile to Atlanta even remotely bearable. I was thrilled to see that they had Shelly Laurenston’s entire backlist, but as I’d already read all of those I was a bit bummed. I’d heard about her Dragon books, but really, not being a fantasy fan I wasn’t much interested. However, since I didn’t find anything else I wanted to read, I decided to get them anyway. Man, am I so glad that I did. This book is phenomenal. And it has my official favorite line from a romance novel:

Annwyl readied herself. The queen may be honest but Annwyl still didn’t take anything she said at face value. “Gift” could leave her covered in blood and eyeless.

Damn, and I thought my family put the fun in dysfunctional.

5 thoughts on “G.A. Aiken: Dragon Actually

  1. I did, but I didn’t like them nearly as much. As it almost always happens with these series, the characters are too similar for me to stay interested in them. And the last one was just way too many characters, and I think at last count at least 12 point of view changes. Drove me absolutely insane.

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