This stuff right here is the truth, and nothing but. I have the sinuses from hell, and typically get a few sinus infections each year. My problem is not pollen and the like, I’m allergic to pollution and smog. Yeah. And I live in Atlanta. You do the math. Anyway, I just recently had my eighth sinus infection since moving here, and discovered this stuff. Normally Sudafed does nothing for me, but this version is unbelievably good. So good I’m willing to pay almost $8 for ten pills.

Be warned, it will put you on your ass, so if you’re not accustomed to allergy drugs, be careful. I can take it and still function. Whit acts like he’s on an acid trip after he’s had it. Given that he’s ADHD/OCD  that is so not a good thing.

And BTW, always it from behind the counter. That crap they came up with to keep the meth-heads from killing themselves is worse than worthless. I’ll never understand it. I would think we’d want the meth-heads to die.

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