Eucerin: More Good Stuff

Eucerin - Calming Body Wash Daily Shower Oil - 8.4 fl oz

Here’s something else those of you who are still in possession of your eggs have to look forward to. Perimenopause will drive your skin insane. Suddenly I’ve had a return of my old friend eczema. Something I haven’t had since I was a child, is dying hard with a vengeance. I can’t use anything with perfume in it. Period. Yes, I’ve let to let go of my beloved Amazing Grace body wash, and I love that stuff like damn and whoa. Suddenly Eucerin is my best friend. This oil body wash is unbelievable. For one thing, it’s unscented, which is a must with eczema. More importantly, it leaves my skin supple and moisturized. Normally when I jump out of the shower I have to run to slather on lotion before my skin dries out and starts itching. This stops that in its tracks. Seriously good stuff.

Eucerin - Calming Creme, Fragrance Free - 14 oz

This is so good I carry it in my purse. Yes, I carry this big 14 ounce tube with me everywhere I go. I never know when I’ll start itching, and I can slather this on wherever I am. It doesn’t leave me all greasy and oily, but it takes care of the itch. And y’all know I absolutely CANNOT stand to itch.

I only wish the wash came in a bigger bottle and the cream came in a smaller one, but other than that, I’m officially good to go.

2 thoughts on “Eucerin: More Good Stuff

  1. Hey, my nephew had eczema really bad when he was a baby. My sister tried everything. They had that baby on steroids, benadryl and atarax for the itching. I sent her a bar of pure shea butter soap and pure shea butter. Worked like a charm. It was all we used on him for the first five or six years of his life. Now he is like milk chocolate. That boy skin is flawless. Anyway it might work for you.

  2. I lurve amazing grace too. I use unscented aveeno as soon as i get out of the shower, then i use philosophy on top of it. I also use the amazing grace shower gel.

    @Colis sledge – thanks for the shea butter tip!

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