Come to My Window

As I was driving along today wailing with Melissa Etheridge I got to thinking about slash fiction, and why male/male is more popular than female/female. I suppose that’s not surprising. Being heterosexual I can certainly appreciate the idea of two hot guys going at it more than I can with women, but it is curious that there is apparently an anti-female slash backlash. (Try saying that three times fast.) Interesting.

I would think that in general lesbians are more accepted in mainstream society than gay men are (At least if they’re physically attractive, but then that’s the plight of women in general), but apparently women have an aversion to them. I guess it’s not unusual for heterosexuals to be turned off by gay sex, except these women like gay sex as long as it’s between two men. Of course, the same is true for males, girl/girl wouldn’t be a staple in the porn industry if that wasn’t true. Plenty of women who like male slash and consider themselves an ally of gays are grossly offended by female slash. I don’t think most male consumers of girl/girl in any way consider themselves an ally of gay women, indeed many of them are virulently anti-gay.

That leaves the question begging, would you read female slash? Do you think you could write it? I don’t know if I could. I think the story itself would probably come more naturally to me than male slash, and certainly the mechanics of it are easier. (People don’t believe me when I say that blocking a sex scene is hard work, keeping all the genitalia straight can be a continuity nightmare.) But I don’t know if I could build the tension properly between two women, and then there’s the question of attraction.

I don’t think I’ve ever found a woman physically attractive, though back in my early thirties when I was apparently hotter than a $2 pistol, plenty of gay women came on to me. Of course, everybody on the planet was coming on to me then, but that’s when I met my husband, who ruined my last opportunity to become the biggest slut in the southeast. I guess if I were to write a female slash story it would probably be inspired by Ellen Degeneres. I think if I were gay I would find her very attractive, probably because she possesses some of the same traits I like in men; she’s very funny, unassuming, self-deprecating, hard-working and ambitious. There is definitely a strong sexuality there and the energy in the room with her mostly female audience when she dances is intriguing. Of course, that comes down to the bi-curious aspect of it all.

4 thoughts on “Come to My Window

  1. I’ve only read one fem slash story and it didn’t do anything for me. It was one of those ones where the male character is temporarily turned into a woman.

  2. Huh? A male character who is temporarily turned into a woman. That’s…different. See, I was thinking it would be interesting to do a story about a lesbian who’s had enough of “bi-curious” women, then falls in love with one. I would imagine that they would get tired of that. To my mind it’s like all those white guys I’ve met over the years who say, “I always wanted me a black woman.” Ewww.

  3. i’d read female slash. i’ve read short stories before but i don’t think i’ll be able to write one. i have a hard time writing romances of any sort sadly. by the way, i also read male slash in the form of fanfic and Japanese comics.

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