Kitty Dilemma

Those of you who love animals need to help me out with this one. Personally I believe that anything that can’t use the toilet and flush needs to live outside, but our cat has always been good about using the litter box, now, not so much. She’s an indoor/outdoor cat, but in the wintertime she’s inside more often. Everyone told me the coyotes would get her when we moved here, but apparently she’s too wily for them. She’s ancient (17) and I’m thinking she needs a bigger, and maybe lower, box. She pees in it fine, but poops on the floor. I’m guessing that she might be a bit arthritic and the sides of the box are too high, but I haven’t seen any boxes with lower sides. I barely made it through three years of cleaning my son’s diaper, I’m not about to start with this cat. Anyone have any other ideas? Otherwise she goes bye-bye.

2 thoughts on “Kitty Dilemma

  1. Hell, if she has to go bye bye, just let me know what you did. Gotta dog I’d really love to see go bye bye.

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