New Eyeglasses

I was out and about playing soccer with the little guy the other day (Yeah, I know it’s madness, utter madness.) He slide tackled me and broke my glasses. So I’ve been looking for a new pair. This is a major undertaking because of my funky prescription my glasses average around $500 a pair. Came across this blog. Dude is on a serious campaign to save consumers from overpriced eyewear. Sounds like a campaign I can get behind.

Anyway, I saw the top pair at Target. They’re DKNY and cost $169. With my prescription and whatnot they’ll probably wind up costing what I typically pay. On the other hand, the bottom pair is $49, INCLUDING the lenses!!! Now, I’ll probably have to pay extra because of my wacky prescription. But even if it costs twice or even three times as much, I’m still ahead.

I think the frames are comparable in looks, I like the fuschia color. I’ll keep y’all posted on the 0utcome.

5 thoughts on “New Eyeglasses

  1. I’m glad I ran across his blog, too. Thanks to him, I have a fabulous pair of glasses for $33.95 (including shipping). I also got my sister a pair for $12.95. I’ll be getting another pair soon!

  2. the bottom pair look exactly like my Calvin Klein glass, only I’m sure they cost less than $200

  3. I have used eyebuydirect and have every intention upon doing so again. For every bell and whistle I could think of to add I only paid $122 dollars. My glasses usually run me $225-350

  4. Thank you, Roslyn. This information is great for folks like me. I’ve been wearing the same glasses for about 10 years. I wanted a new pair but I didn’t want to have to sell my first born to get it. I appreciate this, it’s good news for us po’ folks. LOL.

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