Do Me Right March 23rd From Loose Id

Okay, so y’all know that deep down inside I’m like the most rabid fangirl in the world, right? Don’t tell Lisa G., but I’m only her partner so I get to read her books before anyone else.

So, when I tell y’all that Do Me Right is the sexiest book you’ll ever read, just take my word for it, okay? Sloan’s the kind of guy you leave your wife and kids for. True. I’m still mad because she won’t let me come up with a slogan for the book. She says they’re all too dirty. The abuse I put up with just to have first dibs. Pitiful.

Lisa’s got some goodies coming up for y’all in a few, but I just wanted to share this fab Marci Gass cover. Yeah, I got it like that. Squee!

3 thoughts on “Do Me Right March 23rd From Loose Id

  1. Okay, trying not to sound self-serving, but Ros, you are soooo right about this book! It’s awesome, it’s sexy, it’s…okay, just kidding.

    Seriously, thanks for posting the cover. You beat me by a full day, but I’ve been in the maws of a book I’m writing and couldn’t do what was necessary, so, thanks for being a good friend.

    And as for all that other stuff you said, you are kinda nasty (nasty, but creative). Heck no, I’m not going to let you come up with a slogan for the book.

    And, WRITING PARTNER, I hope you enjoyed DMR as much as you say you did because it’s the last book of mine you’ll read it its infantile stage.

    Hugs, kisses and much love,
    Lisa G.

  2. Oh Mrs Roz, you sound like you like it!. No empathy here.
    I’ll be waiting to purchase mine come March. Thanks for informing us.

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