Bears, Blurbs and Bisexual Heroes

So, I’m knee-deep in synopsis hell at the moment. I would rather write a 150,000 word opus than write one two-page synopsis. Frankly, given my inability to actually write one, I’m amazed that any publisher ever buys my books. It has to take a tremendous leap of faith. And I thank God for it. I thought at one point I was getting better at it, except that I’m not. The synopsis for Let’s Do it Again is one big snooze-fest. Funny, but definitely in the nighty-night zone. That book is starting to frighten me because every time I think of scenes from it I start giggling uncontrollably. Have I mentioned that my sense of humor is more than a bit warped?

Let’s Do it Again is my first story about grown folks. They’re in their forties, and their kids are grown. It’s also something I’ve wanted to do a long time: a couple who’ve drifted apart, even divorced, yet found something in their relationship that was worth salvaging after all those years. It’ll be interesting to see what people think of a forty-something story. That is, if I ever get a decent synopsis together to sell it.

Here’s an instance of synopsisfail#. After I submitted the synopsis for Shimmer the publisher asked an important question: Where’s the romance? Well now damn. Important point. So, it might be a minute before y’all see that one.

I just finished the blurb, or back copy for Given. Ye Gods. Distilling a book down to 200 words, then doing it again with 200 CHARACTERS is absolute torture. Oddly enough, the tiny blurb was easier to do than the longer version. I’m really psyched about this book. Lisa and I will be giving out some absolutely insane prizes in support of its release on February 9th. It’s an African-American, paranormal, historical (Yes, we tried to write in as many genres as we could. Thanks for asking.) How can you not love a hot guy who quotes the Songs of Solomon, slaughters slave-catching witches and is sometimes a 400 pound black bear?

The responses to my question about bisexual heroes are pretty interesting. For one thing they are more evenly split than I expected them to be. I never really thought I could find a bisexual man sexy either, but Gabriel, who you met in Santa Baby, is as he came to me, and as I’ve said before I cannot, and would not change him if I could. Maybe it’s because he’s also an archangel who can trigger the apocalypse, then again, maybe not. I’m not sure, but I like him as he is, and to me, he’s hella hot. I see him as Bobby Cannavale who y’all know makes me think all manner of impure thoughts. (Unfortunately, he’s the king of the show-killers, so I have to get my fix elsewhere!) His heroine has that bo-ho vibe of Erykah Badu, of course, she’s also a witch and they’re on the run from a doomsday cult. Yeah, Gabriel’s Redemption is going to be a long, strange trip.

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