Decorating Our Den

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I think I’ve mentioned to the point of absurdity that I’m collecting ideas for re-doing my house. In our previous home we didn’t have a den, so we need den furniture for this one. I’m crazy about mid-century modern furniture. Aren’t these pieces just full of awesome? Our den has french doors, a fireplace, plus three additional doors. Yeah, it’s a bear for furniture placement. We like the idea of a sectional since we can all cuddle together to watch movies or play games, but it has to be very small. I think this one fits the bill. Whit got a fabulous end table for Christmas that matches this table exactly. I’ve posted pictures of the type of Mediterranean colors we want in our den; rich greens and golds. This will suit it perfectly. It might be odd to put such modern furniture in a Tuscan type look, but I think it’ll work. Now I’ve just got to find the money. 😀

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