Bisexual Hero?

Author/agent extraordinaire Deidre Knight had a romance released last year from Samhain that has a bisexual hero. Apparently, though she is quite successful she was not able to get it published with a mainstream publisher. It has been a bestseller at Samhain. I’ve bought it, but haven’t read it. It’s quite long, and as I don’t have an e-book reader, there’s only so much reading I can do on my computer. Knight is a good writer, though so I’m sure it’s a good story. At the beginning of the story his male partner is already dead, so as far as I know there are no gay sex scenes.

Of course, male/male stories are huge bestsellers right now. I’ve never done one because I’ve never had a gay story come to me. This bisexual hero is pretty insistent though, so I don’t know. Obviously I don’t want to be accused of jumping on the gay bandwagon, on the other hand, I wouldn’t mind the sales.

So, here’s the question, could you handle a romance with a male bisexual hero? Would that be a turnoff for you or trigger your “ick factor?” I admit to being intrigued by the premise and would like to explore the issues such a relationship might manifest. What do y’all think?

17 thoughts on “Bisexual Hero?

  1. Not at all! Please DO go for it. I’m a woman and find male/male sex to be the hottest to read about, watch (on TV and in movies hah), or even think about, in spite of the fact that I’m attracted to both sexes. There’s just something about two guys together, the roughness/aggression of two guys blended with a certain rare tenderness you rarely get to see guys show with each other.

    I think it’s becoming more popular for more women to admit we find this to be a turn on nowadays, which is why we’re starting to see more gay male couples on soaps.

    Just don’t make them on the down low. Shudder. That’s when the ick factor comes into play, due to worries over STDs…

    Love your books!

  2. Also, the hardness of two guys blended with the softness of lovemaking. Nothing is more beautiful…

    I think you can really see how much I’m looking forward to it…so yes, definitely do it!

  3. I wouldn’t mind. I’m currently watching season 2 of Queer as Folk. The sex scenes make me want to giggle like a 12 year old but I love the show. I don’t have a problem with bisexual men as long as they are upfront with their intentions.

  4. The bisexual genre captured my attention through the writings of E. Lynn Harris. I would really like to see how a “non-downlow” character functioned. I’m intrigued.

  5. ick. the an** scenes are bad enough for me…i always wonder “why would any chick do this? repeatedly?”

  6. Not my genre…bisexual man–whom will he choose? Both? Who gets priority? Who is the “main” one? Somebody is bound to be on the outside eventually, regardless of how honest he is and not on the down low. Who will get the “happily ever after”?

  7. I agree with Silk. I’ve never been one to shy away from the taboo subjects so if you feel the need to go there. PLEASE go there!

  8. @pioneervalleywoman: That’s a misconception. Not all bisexual people have to have both at once. I know I’m monogamous.

    As for someone losing out in the end, someone always has to. Even if you’re straight, the other men will lose out when you choose that one guy you want to spend your life with.

  9. “ick. the an** scenes are bad enough for me…i always wonder “why would any chick do this? repeatedly?”

    LOL. Not all gay/bi males do that.

  10. Call me boring/conventional/whatever but I like my men to be into women exclusively and vice versa. The thought of the male character sleeping with both men and women is a turn-off for me.

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