Atlanta: Nickel & Dime Capital

So, being the concerned parent that I am I thought it would be a good idea to start taking the Luke to the zoo, museums and the like. Oy vey! A quick survey of the costs made it clear that pretty much anything cultural is well beyond our pocketbook. Then I found out that Bank of America customers have a free pass on the first weekend of each month. Of course, the two that we’d most like to attend, the zoo and the Fernbank, are no longer on the list. So, we have the choice of a one time zoo trip at approximately $50 for the three of us. Or join for $100. The Fernbank’s prices are similar. And don’t even get me started on that clip joint they call an Aquarium. Am I crazy or are those prices unbelievably steep. And why don’t they have a pass that folks can buy to get into all the events and such? The Atlanta City Pass is a one-time deal. Other cities have passes for its citizens to get into all the cultural events. Apparently down here in the Confederacy culture is limited to those of means. Can you tell I’m feeling a bit salty about this. Yeah, we’ll cough up the money to at least join the zoo, but damn, I’m sick of this town.

6 thoughts on “Atlanta: Nickel & Dime Capital

  1. Dag! I’m glad I live in Seattle. I don’t have kids but I have tons of neices and nephews and this town is super kid and family friendly. But I wouldn’t suggest visiting, this is a tourist town and flights up here are expensive. Unfortunately not every town in family friendly.

  2. The St. Louis Zoo is free everyday and in Cleveland the Zoo and most Museums are free on Mondays.

  3. It’s really odd, Atlanta claims to be family-friendly, but it’s really not. Or at least it’s not friendly to families that aren’t rolling in dough. Even the Children’s Museum costs a grip. I used to take Luke all the time to the one back home, I only paid admission for him. Here we both have to pay so it’s $30 a trip. Unbelievable.

  4. Thanks Eugenia, that makes me feel better. People kept telling me that somehow this was a “bargain” and that Atlanta is an inexpensive place to live. That’s utter nonsense.

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