Pussycat is an ARe Recommended Read!!!

I’m so incredibly psyched by this my heart is just going pitty-pat-pat. Pussycat is a Recommended Read in the January 5, 2010 ARe newsletter. Now y’all know they’ve only got about a bazillion books over there, so for them to choose mine is just absolutely mind-blowing.

Here’s what Susan Plummer had to say about it:

The Pussycat Death Squad is a memorable story with a great plot and very interesting twists.

It keeps the reader guessing at times, adding to the interest of the story. There is a main plot and several subplots that

make for a well-rounded story. It is an interesting look into love and service to one’s county. I found it rather ironic that

Lelia cautioned her squad against falling for an American soldier but she is the first one to do so, proving that love

doesn’t follow any rules. Despite her African descent, her Muslim faith and distain for Americans, Lelia falls for an

Anglo-Saxon, Christian and American Marine. Patrick McBride is a great character as well and I enjoyed his cut and

dried attitude. Despite all their differences Lelia and Patrick have one thing in common; a fiery chemistry. Roslyn Hardy Holcomb has penned a novel that certainly got my attention and will have me combing for more of her work.

Isn’t that just stellar? Yay me!

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