Hunting Season: Shelly Laurenston

So I finally got a chance to read this book though I bought it a while back, and all I can say is it rocks like Damn and Whoa! Though I like Laurenston’s voice, and most of her books, I don’t always love them, but this new series about The Gathering is absolutely insanely good. I love Neecy and Yager and the Crows kept me laughing the entire book. It was definitely chock-full of the crazy, (Would it be a Laurenston if it wasn’t? -lol-) but the character development and story arc was absolutely superlative. I’ve read a good deal of her back list and it’s been interesting watching her grow as an artist. For instance, I’m not crazy about her Pride books, and realized that they’re some of her early work and have been reprinted. The stereotypical hillbilly southerners worked my last nerve and I quickly lost interest. The Gathering is a much tighter book with characters that are more multi-dimensional. Definitely Laurenston at her best. I was pretty bummed though when I read on her site that she doesn’t know when she’ll get around to the sequel, but I’ll definitely be buying this one again when it comes out in print. It’s going on my keeper shelf. (Unless I get an ebook reader before then. )

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