Forward, March

2009 was a good year for my career. I met my goal of having four books out, and I tripled my income. This year I plan to have six books out. Two of them have already been written and will released in February. I’m putting together the synopses for the remaining four. Some you’ve heard about, others not so much. I don’t know if anyone will buy them, but if they do, I’ll be sure to tell you guys about it.

Gabriel’s Redemption is a sequel to Santa Baby and all hell literally breaks loose when members of a doomsday cult try to kidnap Gabriel. He’s stunned to find out that he’s an angel, an archangel in fact and they want him to trigger the end of days.

I’ve always been fascinated with the Lost Colony of Roanoke and in that vein, I’m doing a book called Shimmer. Galilea was left behind when her family had to return to their home planet, abandoning their plans to colonize Earth. Now they’ve returned for her, only she has no idea she’s an alien.

And y’all have heard me talk a blue streak about Dark Star. Nate from Try a Little Tenderness and Tonya from Rock Star were college sweethearts. He left her when he went to join a no-name government agency. Now he has to come back because one of his sworn enemies is stalking her.

The fourth story is still top-secret, but I’ll tell y’all about it once it’s sold.

More than anything I want y’all to know how much I appreciate your support. The mass-market release of Rock Star was like Damn! and Whoa! It gave a bump to Try a Little Tenderness that was just awesome to see. I know you guys prefer my books in print, but I hope some of you got Kindlenookies for Christmas, and can get aboard with e-books. I think 2010 will be even better, my goal is to double my royalties from last year, and I think I can do that, with your support, of course. Again, thank you guys so much. Onwards and Upwards.

2 thoughts on “Forward, March

  1. Roslyn you are just excellent! i wish you all the best in 2010! i enjoyed all the books you released last year and i’m eagerly awaiting what you’ve got in store this year. you’re really amazing!

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