Finally Finished Given

It’s funny the way things turn out sometimes. I love working with Lisa because when we start bouncing ideas off each other it gets really interesting. It took us so long to finish the book because we kept coming up with new ideas. That’s great for us. For editors and publishers? Not so much. I love this book though. I’ve always wanted to do a historical, and I’ve read a lot about the Underground Railroad. Secret societies and resistance movements are so exciting and sexy to me, so when I started thinking about doing a historical it was a natural. Jacob is so unbelievably sizzling hot, even when he’s a 400 pound black bear. Oh, you’ve never read a historical paranormal multi-cultural erotic romance before? (How’s that for genre splicing!)

Jacob and Mary Katherine have to deal with her reluctance to marry, his deception about his dual nature, and just a few slave catching witches. This book is exciting and different and I can’t wait to see what y’all think of it. Isn’t this a great bear picture. I got it from this cool First People’s site that I link below. I’ve always liked bears and apparently they’re associated with magic and mysticism. I just think they’re incredibly clever and beautiful. If we’re fortunate enough to continue the series there will be at least two more historicals that will continue the story of the Eshu. Wish us luck.

First People
First People is a child friendly site about American Indians and members of the First Nations. 1400+ legends, 400+ agreements and treaties, 10,000+ pictures, free clipart, Pueblo pottery, American Indian jewelry, Native American Flutes and more.

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