Santa Baby from Loose Id

Well, it’s here everybody. Step right up and pick up a few dozen just in time for Christmas. It’s the perfect book for you to read on that new Kindlenookie Santa brought you!

I was just reading the excerpt, and it’s strange, it sounds new and interesting to me, almost like I didn’t write it. It really pulls you into the story. And remember, it’s got the Lisa G. Riley seal of approval!

Roslyn Hardy Holcomb’s Santa Baby from Loose Id.

10 thoughts on “Santa Baby from Loose Id

  1. Just read an excerpt…I don’t normally read romance novels (prob only read one in my life) but your book sounds interesting. Have bookmarked to go back to it…thinking of buying a kindle soon.

  2. Hey Roslyn, congrats. I don’t remember if I have ever asked you this before, but have you ever considered the audiobook versions? Would it be feasible for you? I personally would love it.

  3. Hello La, I like audiobooks as well, but that’s a decision that’s made by publishers, and I assume they only do that for major releases and high-tier authors. Of course, there’s always hope that it will happen someday, but I’m not on that level yet.

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