Santa Baby Drops Tomorrow

I still get giddy with each one! Writing Santa Baby was the most fun I’ve had with a book in a long time. My writing partner, Lisa G. Riley says it’s her new fave of mine. High praise considering that one of her singular pleasures in life is kicking my butt. So if she likes it there’s a strong possibility that you will too.

I love this cover. The black and white is picks up that Mad Men vibe, and that’s never a bad thing and I adore the touch of red. (BTW, there’s a red dress scene that’s beyond killer.) And those sexy torch singer gloves…ooh la la.

This will be my last book of 2009, but don’t fret, I’ll be up and running in 2010. Given and FlyBoy are scheduled for February. And I’ve got other ideas I’ll be pitching as well. This has been a great year for me. Sales are steadily increasing and I thank all of you ever so much for that. With your support and God’s help I hope to have another great year in 2010.

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