Dear George Lucas,

LEGO Star Wars Anakin's Y-Wing Starfighter (8037)

I realize that you will not be happy until you have all the money in the world. Hey, I can get behind that. It’s good to have goals, and goodness knows if I ever have a hit I’m going to milk that sucker for all its worth. Yes, I’ll be the first romance author in history with backpacks and action figures! I also realize that Melody Hobson is a wealthy high-maintenance woman in her own right. For an ego-maniac like you it must make for a difficult relationship. But dude, $50 freaking bucks for a Star Wars model?! My brothers had those back when we were kids, they cost $3 and you had the bonus of being able to sniff the glue!

And Lego, I’m not letting you money-grubbing scumbags off the hook either. Legos are supposed to spark a child’s creativity. Where’s the creativity behind something that only makes one thing, and an outrageously priced thing at thing at that? And then y’all pimp this crap on all the kiddie channels like Jehovah’s Witnesses. Double epic fail dudes.

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