And They Said it Wouldn’t Last…

Actually, no one said it wouldn’t last, but you know how those mixed marriages are–An Alabama fan and an Auburn fan? Dear God Myrtle, hide the kids! Of course, it doesn’t hurt that I’d rather switch than fight. Since for me college football is a mildly amusing past time and for you it’s a religion, I became an Auburn fan.

Oh those madcap days trying to schedule a fall wedding in the SEC. (What were we thinking!) And half our guests still wound up in the priest’s study watching Alabama vs. Florida in the SEC championship game. (Hey! Wait a minute…)

It’s been ten years baby, the ten best years of my life and I owe them all to you. I will always love you.  I might not always like you, but I will always love you.

Look at those two crazy kids in that picture. What were we, twelve? My hair was still mostly black, and you were a gorgeous carrot top. The SEC notwithstanding I guess some things do change. But no matter what changes we’ve gone through though, you’re still the same honorable man I married. Thank you for the first ten and here’s to a hundred more. Happy Anniversary.

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