Morning Star Top Rated @ Fiction Wise

OHMIGOD! OHMIGOD! OHMIGOD! Okay, breathe. I absolutely can’t believe it. I’ve been a best-seller in Action/Adventure Romance at ARe a couple of times, but I’ve never gotten Top Rating ANYWHERE. I’m so excited I’m light-headed. Yes, I know I’m supposed to act like I’ve been here before, but since I’ve never been here before I don’t know how to act!!! Thank you guys so much.

I’ve been in love with Harley Joseph since he bogarded his way into Rock Star seven years ago, but I always put his story on the back-burner because I thought he was too crazy for anybody but me to love. Y’all are seriously showing him the love, and I appreciate it so much. Oh, and it’s a best-seller at Fiction-Wise too! Thank you so much.

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