Vote of No-Confidence

Now that I’ve got the whole packet together I’m starting to lose confidence in this Free Lesson project. I mean, who am I to be giving relationship advice? Granted, I’m head and shoulders over Steve Harvey, but then so is my cat. 

Do y’all really think this book has legs, and by the way what about the title? My husband says it’s wrong to call a book “free” when folk have to pay for it. I see his point, but titles aren’t my strong suit. Come up with a better one and I’ll dig something out of my prize box. Probably a copy of one of my books since I haven’t had one entrant in my contest. I don’t think I’ll have anymore of those. Clearly I’m doing something wrong. 


11 thoughts on “Vote of No-Confidence

  1. Although I’ve read a couple of your books I haven’t read any by Crystal Hubbard (at least not yet).

    HOw about “Lesson nu…..”

  2. Please continue with your project. You have alot of common sense, wit and wisdom. I think women need to read something to counter the anti-female crap from the likes of Dr Laura (errghh!).

  3. Please do continue with the book! Unfortunately, I haven’t thought of a cool title but I will definitely comment if I think of a good one!!!

  4. Roslyn, I am emailing you, because I have a title! And you have to do the book, even if you epub it (which might be the best idea) because I have no intention of being single at this time next year, and I need all the advice I can get, LOL!

  5. I don’t have a title either, but I’ve really enjoyed the free lessons. I think you have a different angle – you seem to be giving advice on getting into MARRIAGE (or at least something longterm) as opposed to just any old relationship.

    I know I am going to mess this up, but you’ve said something like – if you want tomatoes, go to the person who knows how to grow tomatoes. It just makes sense 🙂

    Plus someone needs to push out Steve Harvey with his 3 soulmate-having self!!

  6. Well, first let me thank everyone for their support, I’m putting the packet in the mail today. Tertiary Anna gave me a great name that I’m changing just a little bit: Codebreakers: A Commonsense Guide to the Male Mind. For her generosity she’s getting a copy of Pussycat Death Squad.

  7. Keep it up, Roz. I’ve known your no nonsense advice from I believe, keep on chugging.

  8. How about “Lessons That Should Be Free” or “Almost Free Lessons” …Perhaps “Lessons That Will Cost If You Don’t Heed”…

    Just rambling!

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