What’s Your Fave Free Lesson?

So I’m still working on my book proposal. I had no idea that non-fiction was such a pain in the heiny to submit, but I’m almost finished. The publisher wants to see a few sample chapters and I’m really struggling to decide which ones to send. (I had no idea I’d written so many!) Since I wrote them for you, I thought maybe you’d have some suggestions. Which Free Lesson did you like the best? Which one was most helpful? Hit me up and let me know. 

3 thoughts on “What’s Your Fave Free Lesson?

  1. I have several saved on my Google Reader:

    Police your boundaries
    Reasons don’t matter
    Avoid men who stereotype
    Friends don’t let friends
    Get Off the Damned Phone!
    Men aren’t stupid

  2. The one about how if he wants you, wild horses couldn’t drag him off. I forgot the exact wording though. I keep reminding myself of that when tempted to chase down a guy who hasn’t followed up on an initial interest.

    And I can cosign about the phone one: I’m single, but a few weeks ago, I met a guy for coffee instead of talking on the phone, because I wanted to get out of the house. He’s just a friend, but there’s still the warm greeting, comments on each other’s appearance, eye contact, body language, etc.

    Definitely more of a bonding experience (even though strictly platonic) than if I’d just used the phone. So I’m convinced: if I’m dating him, I want us to see each other face to face.

    Hurry up and finish the book so I can buy it! 🙂

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