Y’all haven’t heard much about this book, mainly because I’ve been procrastinating like crazy. To my credit; it seems my entire family came down with whoknowswhatthehell in October and can’t seem to get well. That threw my schedule way off, but still. Given is due December 15 and will be released in February at Loose Id. It’s a historical shifter story which takes place in the mid-19th century Ohio. Both leads are free blacks living in the Gist settlement and working with the Underground Railroad. I’m totally psyched because it’s another project I’m working on with Lisa G. Riley. 

In my head this is very much a Taming of the Shrew type story. TOTS is my second-fave Shakesperean play, my fave is Macbeth and Hamlet makes me want to kick him in the nads halfway through.

As I’ve mentioned before I have to have a visual for the characters before I can start writing. Mary Katherine owns a boarding house and has no interest in marriage. Jacob, a carpenter who shifts into a 350 pound black bear is so crazy about MK he proposed the first day they met. And so it goes. For MK I needed someone who was petite, but shapely with a definite sassy demeanor. I think Raven-Symone fits perfectly. (Jacob’s brother is actually amazed she can walk upright with her formidable bosom.)

For Jacob I needed someone big, and found him in the NFL. Jason Paul Taylor is crazy-hot. I’m definitely feeling more enthusiastic about this story now. 

I also spent a lot of time at the Schomburg site last night looking at pictures of black women from that period and getting a feel for the fashions, especially as it pertains to hair. Now I’m feeling much more motivated.

2 thoughts on “Given

  1. I like those visuals as your characters. I love Raven Symone and lord yea on Jason Taylor, mmm mmm. I’m excited to read the new story.

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