Thanksgiving Traditions

We had this turkey platter in our home as we were growing up. Unfortunately, my brother broke it so I think I’m going to buy one and the matching soup tureen. 

At our house Thanksgiving dinner is all about the dressing. My husband, whose family is originally from the Midwest, never had dressing before he met me. Now he’s addicted to it. Even when we have the holiday with his family he wants me to make dressing.

The first Thanksgiving after my mama died was bittersweet; every year I had to call her to walk me through making the dressing. (Don’t ask why I didn’t just write it down, it’s a tradition.) Anyway, after she died, I realized that my sister and niece had done the same thing. So Thanksgiving found us on the phone with one another trying to figure out how to make dressing. Mine is pretty good, not as good as my mama’s, but hey, I’m still trying. 



One thought on “Thanksgiving Traditions

  1. I would love to have the recipe for our house as well! Also, our office is doing a cookbook for Relay for Life in honor/memory of patients and family members that have battled cancer. I would love to put one of her recipes in there in memory of your mom. Could you get me one? I could use the cresent recipe, but I know you would know the perfect one! We miss you guys!

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