Meeting the Neighbors

I think I’ve mentioned a few dozen times that I’m essentially a hermit. Thus far we’ve met a whopping two of our neighbors. That was one of the benefits of living in Huntsville, I came into a ready-made group of family/friends. Having watched the fabulous Halloween party my friend Monica put on for her neighbors I think it’s time we got out and met ours. I’m thinking of making up some goody baskets with some yummies (Maybe a loaf of orange/cranberry bread) and taking them around to everyone. I could never throw a block party, too paranoid that no one would come, but at the very least I can bake stuff and take it to them. What do y’all think? How did you get out and meet your neighbors? 

4 thoughts on “Meeting the Neighbors

  1. I used to always have something on New Year’s Day for the neighbors and I’m thinking of starting that again this year. I used to make a huge pot of gumbo and everyone would trickle in and have a cup of gumbo and a glass of wine. This year I’m thinking of saying it’s a “Hot Cocoa and Marshmallow Family Hour” on the invitations (essentially flyers printed and put on the neighbor’s doors) and that way it’s cost effective. I can have different types of hot cocoa and serve em up like I’m a bartender. And hey…it only takes so long to have a few cookies and drink hot cocoa so it’s not going to be something that lasts too long.

    You should DEFINITELY get to know your neighbors.

  2. I’m the same way. We’ve lived here almost 2 years and I don’t really ‘know’ my neighbors except the one to my immediate right. She’s single and travels a lot so we tend to look out for her. Our neighborhood has become transitional but has a few stable families that anchor it; mostly because we live near Ga Tech and students rent units that have been purchased as investment properties. I do miss the neighborhood-ish feeling and the sense of community. Dependent upon what happens with The Boy and where he lands for college, we’ll likely make the leap to a small single family home next.

  3. I think that is a great idea Roslyn. I haven’t met as many of the neighbors as I would like but I have met quite a few through my kids.

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