Calling Cards/Business Cards

StormcrowlogoI need some more business cards. I’m thinking I’ll have these made with the StormCrow logo as a watermark, I think that would be really cool looking. What do y’all think? Whit’s so talented he’ll come up with something to blow my socks off. They’re crazy busy at his job right now though (praise God and pass the bourbon), so I probably won’t get them until after the holidays. 

It has also  occurred to me that this family needs calling cards. I met a lady the other day that had the coolest cards. I think we need some with our names with “Luke’s Parents” underneath. Something cool and family-ish, but not tacky. Whit can pull together any design I like. I’ll post it when he’s finished. 


2 thoughts on “Calling Cards/Business Cards

  1. I keep calling cards on me. They simply have my name in the center under a fleur de lis and my cell number in one bottom corner and email in the other bottom corner. It always comes in handy when out and about and meeting cool people.

  2. Oh, I can’t wait to see them. I’ve been shopping for new calling cards this past weekend. I had some letterpress ones done and I just don’t want to make the investment in replacing them right now. I’ve been surfing on Etsy and have come across some that I like…now to narrow down my choices. *Sigh*

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