I just got an excellent review for Morning Star at Night Owl Reviews. Be sure to check it out, I’m delighted with it. It’s a reviewer top pick. I love this comment:

This is not your typical romance but one that shows us the behind the scenes production of a TV series. I loved that Harley sometimes was serious in his acting but took on dangerous adventures. Now Andi she is definitely a woman who needs a little romance in her life. Her mother was hilarious in this book and the whole attraction between Harley and Andi was great to read about.

It’s also getting some really excellent buzz at The Sweetest Taboo site. The first month’s sales are better than they were for Try a Little Tenderness, and TALT did really well. That book has serious legs. If Morning Star has legs like that I’ll do very well indeed. 


11 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Hiiiiii eccentricyoruba, can you write Loose-id (Doreen DeSalvo) and badger her about getting this in print as well?. You won’t be disappointed with the (e)book, period, but I guarantee that, like me, you’ll want this in print as well…….enjoy!

  2. Foreverloyal, are you not on my mailing list? How could that happen? Man I’m slacking. Normally I grab everyone who shows the least interest in my books.

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