Voyages of Discovery

Luke: Can we go on a voyage of discovery like Christopher Columbus?

Me: (Not really paying attention.) Sure honey, that sounds like lots of fun. 

Luke: Yeah, but it’d take a long time and we’d have to bring lots of food.

Me: What kind of food would you take on this trip?

Luke: (Thinking really hard) Coke, Sprite, beer, wine, ribs, wings and cheese. 

Me: (Laughing) Honey, are we going on a voyage of discovery or hosting a tailgate party? (Why do I suspect that he gave similar list to the teacher at school? We’re so narced out.)

5 thoughts on “Voyages of Discovery

  1. Everytime the financial markets in the U.S. are closed for Columbus Day, I swear bloody murder. That’s what “his discovery” actually did. Can’t giggle about it. Nope. Not unless it’s acknowledged like the effing Holocaust and Slavery and all other acts of brutality…….sorry Roz, hope Luke’s being informed…….

  2. Well, he’s only 5 years old, so no, we’re not telling him about bloody murder, yet. Most assuredly I will teach him all he needs to know about American history.

  3. Oh yes. To tell the truth I try not to re-read TALT as the issue of child abuse just just kills me and I can’t reconcile it. In fact, being an insomniac already, what little sleep I do get is then too greatly disturbed by the images. Still, I turned to the end of the book and started re-reading and think I’ll start all over again…….

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