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I’m making real progress on my Free Lessons book proposal. I’ve queried one publisher and am getting ready to query another. Putting the proposal together is a bit of a pain, but I think I’ve got a leg-up given that for the most part the book is written. I’ll have to shift some stuff around and add additional information and resources, but I’m really feeling good about this project. Thanks everyone for nagging my eyeballs out about this. 

Next week I’ll start working on Given, it’s a historical paranormal story of the Underground Railroad. Loose Id’s doing a special project for Black History Month, I think it’ll be pretty awesome. I’m writing it with my CP Lisa G. Riley, it’s a fun process. 

Still recovering from the whatthehellisthis virus. Weird, Luke had a fever and no other symptoms, he was good to go in two days. I caught it and can’t stop coughing or sleeping and still feel like hell a week later. Whit caught it and actually had to take off work. Whit NEVER takes off work. 

Once I finish Given I’m taking some time off then I’ll start Dark Star. It’s the reunion story of Nate from Try a Little Tenderness and Tonya from Rock Star. It’s a complex story and I’m not sure I have the chops to write it. One thing’s for sure I will have to plot the ever living hell out of it, and I’ve never done that before. Typically I simply write down chapter-by-chapter what happens in the book. Of course, it’s not written in stone and I do typically add stuff, but it’s a very pithy outline. For this one I’m afraid I’ll have to resort to note cards or sticky notes.  Every time I tell someone about it their eyes get crossed halfway through. It’s like an ode to one of my fave tv shows, Wise Guy

We watched Neil Young live on Palladium yesterday. I absolutely adore this song, actually this entire album. When Luke was a tiny baby I’d get up for his nightly feedings and would play this CD while I nursed him. There’s something special about just the two of us in the middle of the night listening to good music together. He still loves this CD and plays it all the time. He refers to Neil Young as “My Young.” 

I’ve had a story percolating in the back of my mind based on the themes from Harvest Moon. Don’t really have anything yet, but it’s coming. Meanwhile, just enjoy My Young.

2 thoughts on “Non Fiction Book

  1. Hi Roz
    Just one thing, I thought Nate was mentioned in Rock Star and not TALT?. Looking forward to this story though. I know you’ll give us your all.

    Also feel better…..

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