Black Women/White Babies

Saw something on Twitter earlier that got me thinking. There is a bit of a kerfuffle because Wanda Sykes and her wife chose white donor eggs for their children. Not sure why they didn’t use their own eggs, though I’m thinking Wanda’s probably too old. Not sure about the wife and obviously they’d have to use donor sperm, though her wife did carry the children. (Correction: they used her wife’s eggs, but used donor sperm). 

Apparently this type of thing is becoming more of an issue as black women are choosing to use donor/sperm of whites. I know from infertility boards that black eggs are harder to come by and thus more expensive (dontcha love capitalism). I’m not sure about black semen. Also, it would appear that black women tend to have less successful outcomes with IVF, though scientists are sure why. This might be part of the fact that black women tend to have more infertility problems overall. My guess would be that most black have had fibroids and with a myomectomy the chance of scarring is fairly high. 

I have no plans to have IVF or the like, but I wonder if it’s something I would do, especially since my partner is white. What are the implications of black  women choosing to have biracial or in Wanda’s case totally white children? 

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