Rock Star Really Rocks

rock_star_02-1Just wanted to let you guys know how much I appreciate so many of you buying Rock Star. I can’t believe it sold almost 9,000 copies in two months!!!! It thrills me to no end that you all like it so much. Again, thank you ever so much, hope you like Morning Star as much.

7 thoughts on “Rock Star Really Rocks

  1. Hi Roz
    This goes to show how much we readers appreciate a beautifully written, not overly dramatic, happily ever after love story. Keep writing such and I’ll definitely continue to purchase.

  2. You’re a rock star, Roslyn. Congratulations on your continued success as an intelligent, racy and fun to read romance novelist. I think you’re the only person I actually know that has a product that Walmart sells. Keep up the FABULOUS work!!! We love you.

  3. You inspired me to buy Alice in Chains cd Dirt, so that I could listen to Down in a Hole….I only had been looking at You tube videos of them singing it. Really great song, great inspiration for the book–I could just see it!



  4. Roslyn: Isn’t that an awesome song?

    My rely: Truly…I can listen to it forever, as it seems I have been doing today! I find myself listening today also to Toto from back in the day–some of their music would fit into the themes of some of your books, I think….

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