Of Mary Janes & Wrap Dresses

I’ve mentioned a couple of times that I have some very specific goals fashion-wise for this season. I want a denim pencil skirt, a pair of dark red Mary Janes, and a white poofy shirt. I also want a few more jersey wrap dresses. I love a navy print one I got at cabi this summer, but IMO you can’t have too many wrap dresses. Anyway, so I’m in Target the other day and I saw these shoes. I think they look fabulous, especially for $30 shoes, but I was in a scurry and didn’t try them on. I’ve never bought shoes at Target before. I usually only get my stockpile of tank tops and other summer stuff there. Has anyone bought any shoes there? What are they like? Of course, in my very rich fantasyy life I would be buying Louboutin Mary Janes, but as Whit points out, I need a rich husband and so does he!

I’ve seen lots of print DVF wrap dresses, but I think it makes the most sense to get one in black. This would be a major investment. But I know I’ll be wearing that dress for the rest of my life. I’m pretty sure I’d be buried in it. Unless of course, somebody is kind enough to purchase a vintage Balenciaga gown for me. (I’d have to be dead to wear it, as far as I can tell vintage doesn’t get any bigger than a size 2!) Meanwhile, in the real world, there are lots of really nice wrap dresses out there. They’re probably the most universally flattering dress design ever!

So far this is my favorite DVF print. If money were no object I’d be all over this, it is stellar. But no, in my dreams I get the black one, which you can dress up or down with accessories. That’s the great thing about a classic dress in black, put on some shinies and suddenly it’s evening wear!Christian Louboutin -...

6 thoughts on “Of Mary Janes & Wrap Dresses

  1. Great post!

    I, too, LOVE a jersey wrap dress…so many possibilities. I agree that you should start off with a black one and build upon your collection.

    Re: shoes from Target. Yes, I’ve indulged…I’ve found a few pairs that pass my “don’t look cheap or hurt my feet” test. Don’t count them out. I also believe variety is the spice of life so my Target shoes sit in close proximity to a couple of pairs of Louboutins.

    Good look and why have I never heard of CAbi. I’m loving their dresses!!!

  2. CAbi has a store in that big outlet mall up the 400. I discovered them on our way back from Big Canoe back in July. I could’ve bankrupted a small country in that store! In addition to my fabulous wrap dress, I got the cutest denim jacket. To me, they’re similar to Anthropologie, but with better prices and more sizes. I love it.

  3. I’ve occasionally bought shoes from Target and its a bit hit or miss as to quality. But, for the price, I almost always get my moneys worth and frequently get more from them.

    Gorgeous dresses.

  4. I LOVE wrap dresses but people seem to think they age one. I don’t know really – they could be right. I am in my mid -thirties (which is not that young) but I’m told I look younger, hence the wrap dresses are aging comment.
    I don’t care, I love them anyway!

  5. I can’t comment on Target shoes since I don’t live in the states BUT I did visit Target a few years ago when I visited Houston. I bought some bras there which were just fine; the shoes were tempting but as a rule I avoid inexpensive shoes. I have long feet and have had bad experiences with cheaper shoes. I’d rather splurge on a great pair of well made shoes. That way my feet don’t curse me out.

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