Off With Her Head

I missed Layne’s birthday this year, August 22. What with deadlines and back-to-school I can’t remember anything these days. Anyway, this is probably my fave Alice song. The melody is just so evocative. I used to hum it to Luke when he was a baby. 

Whit asked what I want for my birthday. Same thing I always want for my birthday; Basil Hayden and a cigar. 

They make jumbo size Smarties now. I’m so not feeling them. It looks like someone put regular Smarties on steroids. Besides I like the adventure of digging the little ones out of the bottom of my purse. Hey, I don’t get out much. 

Luke wants to be Wolverine for Halloween. The only thing scarier than The Luke is The Luke with claws. Uh, no. 

Dear Dekalb County Schools, having an event every week is a bit much. I want to be involved, but probably not THAT involved. Thank you for listening. 

Once I finish Santa Baby, and the redo of Taken, I’m probably going to bed for a week. 

December 4th is our 10th anniversary. I’d really love to go to the Caribbean. Highly unlikely, but a girl can dream.

5 thoughts on “Off With Her Head

  1. But, they sell plastic Wolverine claws now. Don’t you think Luke needs them…ROFL? Joey wants to be Snake Eye from GI Joe for Halloween.

    And, I second your thought that a anniversary celebration in the Caribbean would be divine.

  2. It’s amazing how much havoc Luke wreaks Without claws. I can’t imagine what he could do with them. I’m looking into discounted vacations. I really want to go, even if it’s just for a weekend.

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