Hunting Ground – Your Account.

And why am I tracking this book order like a kid watching fake Santa footage on the Weather Channel on Christmas Eve? Because it IS like Christmas for me. That order contains Hunting Ground, the new Patricia Briggs book and I’m so excited I could pop. It’s in Lexington, that’s only a few hundred miles from me. Remember postal workers, I’ve said really good things about you guys. If that book gets here tomorrow I swear I’ll bake cookies for you!

4 thoughts on “Hunting Ground

  1. Well, my copy of Try a Little Tenderness should arrive this week.
    I’m a little afraid of the love scenes because you said your new publisher allows more graphic depiction. Ordinary love scenes make me blush and skip ahead to the next scene.

    If I send you the book will you black out those paragraphs for me and send it back? Oooh and autograph it?

    And please make it out to “Foreverloyal” and not “Crazy Prudish Girl.” We all have our quirks. 🙂

  2. I would never call you prudish. Just email me when you get it and I’ll give you my address. I can only think of one scene that might make you uncomfortable, but I’ll be happy to accommodate you.

  3. Well that’s kind of you. But even I think it’s a little odd given that it’s just the imagination. It’s not like I’m watching sans ropas on a pay channel or something. However, it’s a minor quirk, not even a flaw so I don’t worry about it.

    Ooh I just checked and it says my package was delivered today! *hooting and hollering and running around the room*

    If you’ll excuse me, I need to go to the door. 🙂

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