Black Pin-Up Girls

I love 1940s style pin-up girls. Actually I’m crazy for anything from that era. It’s so cool to find this artist, her name is Zahira Kelly and she does African American pinups. Aren’t they hella cool? The young lady is unbelievably talented. She does custom work, too and I’d love to have one of myself. They’re only $75.00, maybe I’ll get one for my birthday! 😀

The one in yellow reminds me of my mama. She used to wear her hair like that, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. I think one of these would be perfect for the cover of my current WIP.

7 thoughts on “Black Pin-Up Girls

  1. These are AWESOME!! Love the whole pin-up girl look from the forties. I want one of these pictures for myself. Erica B. I agree with you 100%…the Vargas Girls were fabulous.

    I also adore Betty Page (may her soul rest in peace) and Dita Von Teese. I’m dying to see Dita live. I know there is a black female burlesque troupe in NYC that performs all over the city. I can’t remember what their name is though.

  2. hey just came across your pinups really turnt on and releived to see them been searching for this for a while very rare seems like their would be more of these outthere i know its your art beautiful classy&sensual was wonderin if u thought about making these availabe in water color slides if u dont know what these are ther pretty much from the same era and there stickers that u can imprint onto surfaces i would love to put one of these on my guitars see i have a bunch of them but all the girls are well not of african descent i got hawaiian spanish italian irish and dutch women but im looking to put one one of my guitars kuz its just gonna take it to a whole nother level that the others cant generate anywayz i love your minds so ima keep up with u this my first time coming across u or zahira peace babygirl

  3. OMGoodness! I love Pin-Up Dolls too but I can never come across black one! This is great! THanks! 🙂

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