Go Lean Cereal


This is a great cereal. Full of protein and fiber with only five grams of sugar. It gives me loads of energy and  doesn’t leave me starving in a couple of hours like most cereal. Unfortunately, it happens to taste like butt. The Crunch version tastes loads better, but is full of sugar, so it’s a definite no-no. Normally I’ll add a few dried berries (dried cranberries are little red nuggets of crack I tell you true), but this morning I was all out. Desperate for a flavor kick I added a few dashes of cinnamon–Yum! It gave it a little sweetness, and cinnamon also lowers blood sugar. Can I say, Yay?

3 thoughts on “Go Lean Cereal

  1. Usually sliced bananas improve the situation…That’s why I’m always in the cereal aisle for at least 10 minutes

    “Special K” or “Lucky Charms”???


  2. Good for you.
    I’ve learned to not eat cereal in the morning, instead I have a green salad (with cucumbers, tomatoes, sometimes radishes added) and some protein.

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE cereal but if I eat it in the morning I’ll eat at least 2 cups. (Did I mention 1/2 of that will be granola? Not so good for the waistline or the wallet).

    This way I can have one cup of cereal later in the day for a snack and be satisfied.

    I actually tried Kashi Good Friends once, I think I kind of liked it.

    Forgive my rambling…

  3. You just described my relationship with that Special K Protein Plus cereal… It tastes disgusting and I can only force myself to eat it a few days a week.

    Foreverloyal, my Aunt eats a huge bowl of salad each morning and her skins looks great. I think I may give that a go too… I really need to overhaul my diet.

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