First Day of School Mama!



The Luke started kindergarten today. He was such a big boy and he didn’t cry or fuss at all. I, of course, had to fight back tears. He just grabbed his lunch box and massive bag of school supplies (Can you believe the size of that thing?) and took off.  Believe it or not I’ve got more school supplies to drop off later today. Unbelievable.
It seems that most of the other parents parked and walked their kids in. Parking at the school is at a premium and being that unlike most Atlantans I can’t parallel park AT ALL, I think I’ll be using the car pool line. 

7 thoughts on “First Day of School Mama!

  1. I’m tearing up already. My daughter starts kindergarten next month. Didn’t know ATL started school so early.

  2. He is such a big man child now! I still cry every year when the kids start school (just never in front of them)! So quickly the time passes! He looks like he wears the same size as Jacob now. Was shopping for shorts a nightmare for you, too?

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