Writing Blurbs

Loose-Id has the blurb up now for Pussycat Death Squad. I’m delighted to see that they used the one I wrote almost word-for-word. Now, why would that be a big deal? Because writing a blurb is the only thing on earth that’s harder than writing a synopsis. With a synopsis you have to distill your 80k word book down to a few pages. For a blurb you have to do it in 200 CHARACTERS. Not words, characters, including spaces. It’s brutal, and they all but scrapped the one I did for Try a Little Tenderness. (And rightfully so, it blew!) Apparently I’m getting better though, and that’s always gratifying. Here’s the blurb:

Lelia is the leader of the Pussycat Death Squad. Danger ensues when this hot, deadly virgin meets an equally lethal alpha Marine. Can they overcome the threat of death and dismemberment to find true love?

It’s not every day you find a book with hot, deadly virgins. I think you should buy it for that alone! 😀

One thought on “Writing Blurbs

  1. I’ll be buying it most definitely because YOU wrote it!. Can you tell I’m a big fan?. Yup and shameless too. Good is simply GODDESS!

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